Habitant! Your Social Contract ...
Habitant! Your Social Contract ...

Kay Rodriques is an artist, print-maker, and creator of limited edition artist's books. Since the 1990s, Rodriques has been creating heavily textured paintings primarily in oils and mixed media on linen, canvas, and board. More recently she has been creating oils in thin washes, thinning down the paint so that the surface shows through the work. In 2018 the artist began converting her stories, many based upon years of research, into whimsical artist's books accompanied by her hand-made prints. Her first five books, part of The Jamaica Series, are:

* A Saltfish Tale
* My Grandfather is a Lime Tree
* Into Cow Pastures We Sailed
* Cast of Characters
* Castaways Cast Away

Rodriques' influences include Jamaican Christmas Jonkanoo dances, place making and the histories of how places came to be what they are, Japanese woodblock prints, and South Indian miniature paintings. In early 2017, Rodriques established her Silent Hare Studios, an art and storytelling company.