March 2022
Here are excerpts from my three latest books, Falmouth (made in Jamaica 2020-21), Mexican Yams (made in New York City, 2021-22), and A Comic Opera (made in California, 2022). The craft of paper cutting is the main focus in these photographs:
1. three latest artists  books moving from stencilling to paper cutting
2. paper cuts
3. papercut from sketch book to  final
4. papercut & handmade book  sleeve
5. more paper cuts

~December 2021~
Mexican Yams, the first in my California book series was printed in New York in October and November of this year. Inspiration for this book came from years of hiking in Northern California's Santa Cruz Mountains. There I learned how the birth control pill made it possible for a chemist in the region to buy a cattle ranch, part of which is now home to the Djerassi Resident Artists Program. The basis of this wealth is diosgenin, a steroid derived from Mexican yams. Here are some sample pages from the book:
mexican book 1
mexican book 2
mexican book 3
mexican book 4
~September 4, 2021~
San Francisco Zine Fest 2021 is afoot; I did my Zoom presentation on Wednesday. My zine, Mushrooms & Banana Slugs, is being sold at Silver Sprocket, 1018 Valencia Street, San Francisco. It is the first book in my California series and my first zine. It is a short, jovial tale about California redwood forests and three organisms -- banana slugs, chicken of the woods, and candy cap mushrooms -- that all live in the understories of the forests. The zine's format is a concertina folding with text accompanied by colored drawings, both realistic and fantastical. Below is a photograph of the concertina's first three panels.
mushrooms -all

~July 6, 2021~
This is the prototype for my six page accordion book. I took a bookbinding class to learn about the acid free adhesives that are best suited for various materials and how to make a book cover that will be able to contain the materials inside. Paper cement, for example, does not hold well on card that has been painted with acrylics, but it is fine for unpainted card. (I used chipboard for the cover of this project and covered it with Japanese paper). To correct this problem, I used Sobo glue. It is holding quite well, but I will monitor it to see if it is still holding in another week or two. Knowing your materials is key to creating a lasting project.

***** ***** *****
~April 2021~
Garden Update
Well, the gardening did not go as planned. I was unable to get ripe goat manure and good top soil to start my little 4 x 7 ft. garden. I did manage to start rooting some fruit trees like mango, pear (avocado), lime and orange indoors. These I transplanted a few weeks ago. Hopefully they will thrive. What also did not go as planned is that instead of ending my Jamaica series with the Falmouth book (now available for sale), my grocery shopping excursions steered me to create one more book in the series. This will be about the Chinese in Jamaica and their grocery store, corner shop trade. You can see some photos of the genesis of the project, including a photograph of a corner shop in Duncans (not far from the town of Falmouth) that is pretty much like the small Chinese corner stores of my childhood on the island in the late 1960s.

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~September 2020~
Seaside Garden
Don't laugh when I say I am creating a 4 x 7 ft. garden. This will be my first foray into no dig gardening and too, I am starting the garden right in the middle of the hurricane season. I have not been back on the island of Jamaica in many years so I will have to figure out what to plant when, and in which section of the garden to plant different kinds of vegetables, flowers and trees. This is why I am starting out with a 4 x 7 ft. garden bed. I have loaded myself down with seeds and will start first with an edible garden. If this no dig garden goes according to plans, a 4 x 7 ft. garden will give me more than I can eat by myself! I hope to source some calalloo and scotch bonnet seeds to include in my garden and will visit the local 4H Club to see what I can find. Stay tuned!