~September 2020~
Don't laugh when I say I am creating a 4 x 7 ft. garden. This will be my first foray into no dig gardening and too, I am starting the garden right in the middle of the hurricane season. I have not been back on the island of Jamaica in many years so I will have to figure out what to plant when, and in which section of the garden to plant different kinds of vegetables, flowers and trees. This is why I am starting out with a 4 x 7 ft. garden bed. I have loaded myself down with seeds and will start first with an edible garden. If this no dig garden goes according to plans, a 4 x 7 ft. garden will give me more than I can eat by myself! I hope to source some calalloo and scotch bonnet seeds to include in my garden and will visit the local 4H Club to see what I can find. Stay tuned!