As an artist I make books that usually concern a single question. Most often this interest involves place-making, trade and absurdities. My first artist's book, "A Saltfish Tale," is based on a childhood wonderment: "Why is imported saltfish a part of Jamaica's national dish, when we can simply catch red snappers from the sea?" None of the questions are implicitly stated in the books, but they are there nonetheless.

All artworks in these books are handmade. Except for concertinas, the bindings are thread-stitched. I looked for the best materials for their beauty and durability, and that best showcase the handmade prints. Consisting of fifty or fewer leaves, the format is like block books, except however, I use various types of hand-printing methods, not just woodblocks. The stories are all original, many based upon years of research. Text is kept to the barest minimum for poetic effect.

a. books 1-4 covers

Some of my books, like numbers one, two and four, are printed on Roterfaden paper from Germany, while some specialty papers like Fabriano Ingres, full sheets, are sourced from Jackson's Art Supplies in the U.K. Each book is hand-printed in a limited edition and costs US$70 plus shipping.

A Saltfish Tale
Book #1

Some excerpts from the forty-page, 5.5" x 8" (14cm x 20cm), "A Saltfish Tale", a book about the absurdities of trade:
A Saltfish Tale, 2019 (hand-printed in California)
2. a saltfish tale -frontspiece
3. title page, a saltfish tale
4. first few pages, a saltfish tale
5.  first few pages, a saltfish tale
6. musical note, a saltfish tale
7. middle with red thread stitching, a saltfish tale
8. end pages, a saltfish tale
9. end pages, a saltfish tale
10. end pages, a saltfish tale
11. insert, back cover page, a saltfish tale