running in the canepiece

Born: Jamaica
Resides: California, U.S.A.

Kay Rodriques is a printmaker, painter and artist’s book maker living and working in California. She examines the conditions and interconnections of place, space and trade.
Kay has a long-term interest in the cultural geography and landscape of Jamaica. She began creating a series of hand-made artist’s books about the island in 2019 and plans to experiment with Risography to duplicate her books later on.

Experimenting and trying new techniques is key to Kay's art making process. She works in various mediums and styles, ranging from textural to sheer stain-like drawings and paintings. Her print-making techniques include woodcuts, linocuts and engravings, monographs, collographs and other print styles that do not require the use of toxic chemicals. Kay's next project is a series of artist's books about the cultural geography and landscape of California.

kay 9.2020

Photo credit: Betsy Kingsbury